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# harvester
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found a sneaky way to determine that: kubectl get pods -n longhorn-system -o wide | grep manager except: The connection to the server was refused - did you specify the right host or port? As this is just a lab and I've messed around by removing a node and converting that bare metal machine just so I can run rancher manager outside the cluster. I'll just rebuild everything and make sure I write down my cluster token and all the things I should have done from the beginning.
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harv-4:/home/rancher # kubectl get lease -n harvester-system plndr-svcs-lock -o yaml
apiVersion: <|>
kind: Lease
  creationTimestamp: "2022-11-08T09:25:05Z"
  name: plndr-svcs-lock
  namespace: harvester-system
  resourceVersion: "199614353"
  uid: e756e8cc-1c4e-43f6-a773-7a9c68cfbee1
  acquireTime: "2022-11-08T09:25:05.596517Z"
  holderIdentity: harv-4
  leaseDurationSeconds: 10
  leaseTransitions: 0
  renewTime: "2023-02-27T08:15:22.205920Z"
The value of spec.holderIdentity allows you to determine which node the vip resides on