02/14/2023, 2:52 PM
hi! I try to understand the k3d (k3s). It is a lightweight kubernetes, it is okay.[…]1,enc_auto/6f3936_2ce31d23816f43fb995912c961149785~mv2.png Guides So, On a machine (laptop) I can run it with docker. Pre-requirements: docker, kubectl The "" setup the environment: cluster with nodes. Master Node (Control Plane): Loadbalancer + Nginx Proxy Worker Nodes: k3d-test-server-0 ... k3d-test-agent-0 ... what are the k3d-test-server-X and k3d-test-agent-X? What is the difference the server and agent?


02/14/2023, 3:01 PM
k3d deploys (multi-node) K3s clusters on a single Docker Host. Basically you can create multi-node Kubernetes clusters, where each node is a single Docker container. You have control-plane nodes (servers) and worker nodes (agents). Servers run the control-plane components, e.g. etcd, controller-manager, etc.. (Though in K3s, all components are embedded in a single binary.) The LoadBalancer (nginx-proxy) you see in the image is another container which is part of k3d (not K3s) and it helps to manage incoming connections in multi-node clusters.
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