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Could you share your StorageClass yaml? Are the tags specified in
fields? ref.
And I don't get that point that you mention build to 99%. Is that means the progress of restoring volume data?
here's an example. this volume, has no class set. it's rebuilding, and stuck at 99% (been stuck there overnight). it seems any volumes the server had to rebuild (i had to reboot the node) are provisioning on these drives. probably because they are 5TB disks with plenty of space. the disk it's being provisioned on, is assigned a disk a node, and disk selector. i removed the node label from the storage page to see if that helped, but it did not. it seems the only way to stop it from spinning on on these disks is to mark it unschedulable, and delete all but the volumes i want on it, which is obviously not going two work well 🙂 sc yaml:
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allowVolumeExpansion: true
apiVersion: <|>
kind: StorageClass
  creationTimestamp: '2023-02-02T13:42:23Z'
  name: hdd
  resourceVersion: '180629798'
  uid: f23599b7-49c6-407e-9cd8-184e0d03b27b
  diskSelector: hdd
  migratable: 'true'
  nodeSelector: lff
  numberOfReplicas: '3'
  staleReplicaTimeout: '30'
provisioner: <|>
reclaimPolicy: Delete
volumeBindingMode: Immediate
pics of rebuilding volume, node, and disk attached.
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It seems like there is something wrong on the node: harvester-03. Could you check there is any error message in instance-manager-r & longhorn-manager pods (on the affected node)? Or send support bundle to let us investigate.
In addition, could you also try to re-schedule the replica to the node: harvester-03 then check if it is works well or not? 1. Disable node: harvester-03 with
Edit Node and Disks
option in Node tab 2. Delete the problem replica in Volume tab 3. Re-enable node: harvester-03
tried all of it, still no luck. pvc-13787ebc-7d4e-41ad-9206-de9a6adb938a wont detatch and shows multiple instance managers. i also get a message:
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failed to list snapshot: cannot get client for volume pvc-13787ebc-7d4e-41ad-9206-de9a6adb938a: more than one engine exists
i just dont know how i can detach the PVC without deleting the data. support bundle attached
@narrow-egg-98197 the msg above, is more for the other thread you were msging me on.
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hello everyone, i have a vm (in harvesteR) that got messed up when one of my servers had an issue, and now the VM is off, but the PVC is still attached. how can i detach it so i can bring the vm back online?
State: Attached
No node redundancy: all the healthy replicas are running on the same node Degraded
Ready for workload:Not Ready
Frontend:Block Device
Attached Node & Endpoint:
100 Gi
Actual Size:Unknown
Data Locality:disabled
Access Mode:ReadWriteMany
Backing Image:vdi-image-hzwdh
Backing Image Size:50 Gi
Engine Image:longhornio/longhorn-engine:v1.3.2
Created:a month ago
Node Tags:
Disk Tags:
Last Backup:
Last Backup At:
Replicas Auto Balance:ignored
Instance Manager:
Last time used by Pod:10 hours ago
PVC Name:vmname-rootdisk-ossjw
PV Name:pvc-13787ebc-7d4e-41ad-9206-de9a6adb938a
PV Status:Bound
Revision Counter Disabled:False
Last Pod Name:virt-launcher-vmname-mpbn2
Last Workload Name:vmname
Last Workload Type:VirtualMachineInstance
note, it show's its attached to tow instance managers. i've tried rebooting the nodes, and deleting the instance manager pods, no luck...
sorry for the confusion. i have two issues, the disk-tag issue, and this volume not unmounting. i can do the disk-tag issue next, if we can work this unmount issue out.