# rancher-desktop


01/24/2023, 2:26 AM
Is there a way to add AWS managed k3s nodes in rancher desktop? If I setup develop accounts for all our developers, and we deploy using rancher on our local laptop, is there a way to add a node or two (whenever needed) to AWS? I want to make it easy to deploy our application (helm chart), but sometime it might require a little bit more compute, then what laptops can handle. (Argo workflows, jupyter notebooks etc).


01/24/2023, 5:43 PM
Rancher Desktop at present doesn't support connecting to remote clusters. However, You can install Rancher Manager on Rancher Desktop, and then use that to connect to and manage other clusters. But the built-in cluster (and dashboard) are always local. Please follow the instructions on the Rancher on Rancher Desktop docs page to install Rancher on Rancher Desktop.