# harvester


01/03/2023, 1:18 AM
due to resource constraints I have been finding any available (extra) CPU/mem/disk in my house to cobble together a working lab. I /was/ running rancher single node on an ubunutu VM in harvester but am pulling that out 1) recommended 2) it's the right thing to do and running into the same problem I had before running a single node (docker) on a ubuntu VM on vmware workstation on my laptop. I can perform the harvester integration but when I try to create a new cluster using rancher before doing anything or hitting [create] I get: "c-m-sc8xdxj7" not found
what cluster is that referring to? I can't find that anywhere using a search with the lens IDE. Where would that be referenced so I know where to investigate? root@rancher:/home/rogue# kubectl get NAME AGE c-m-mfg7qwhr 160m local 6d8h