# rancher-desktop


12/31/2022, 8:15 PM
@here hi there… i am using rancher desktop (latest) on a M1 mac and v activated kubernetes (1.24.9) + traefik + install rancher kubernetes ui …… on the M1 i can visit the rancher page ( - private DNS-Server and hosts-File on M1 configured, without entry in hosts file i can’t reach the url locally too) and can do something else with the local cluster ….. but if i try to add a remote cluster (5 node’s k8 cluster v1.24.9 (all Ubuntu machines) in my lab, the cattle cluster agent will spawn but cannot connect back to rancher on M1 …. following error in pod-log:
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INFO: Environment: CATTLE_ADDRESS= CATTLE_CA_CHECKSUM=b613734ff8828536815451b443d012a82e583af53b50291f4940f6bdf32a8204 CATTLE_CLUSTER=true CATTLE_CLUSTER_AG │
INFO: Using resolv.conf: search cattle-system.svc.cluster.local svc.cluster.local cluster.local nameserver options ndots:5                                       │
ERROR: <> is not accessible (Could not resolve host:
if i install rancher directly (via helm) on top of the “external” cluster (no rancher on M1) i can reach rancher ui from anywhere and play with the “external” k8-cluster (funny thing: here, i dont neet to configure hosts-Files, only the A record in the DNS-Server ) is the coredns service at the external k8 cluster. the service is configured to NOT use resolve.con, my own dns server and google dns instead. Any idea whats going wrong or i v to configure ?