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# rancher-desktop
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Here are the logs given by the error window :
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2022-12-21T22:08:16.304Z: Registered distributions: Ubuntu
2022-12-21T22:08:17.546Z: Registered distributions: Ubuntu
2022-12-21T22:08:18.832Z: Registered distributions: Ubuntu,rancher-desktop
2022-12-21T22:08:18.943Z: Registered distributions: Ubuntu,rancher-desktop
2022-12-21T22:08:18.943Z: Creating initial data distribution...
2022-12-21T22:08:21.738Z: Did not find a valid mount, mounting /mnt/wsl/rancher-desktop/run/data
2022-12-21T22:08:22.908Z: Installing C:\Users\coren\AppData\Local\Programs\Rancher Desktop\resources\resources\linux\internal\trivy as /mnt/c/Users/coren/AppData/Local/Programs/Rancher Desktop/resources/resources/linux/internal/trivy into /usr/local/bin/trivy ...
2022-12-21T22:08:24.865Z: WSL: executing: cat /root/.docker/config.json: Error: wsl.exe exited with code 1
2022-12-21T22:08:25.684Z: Installing C:\Users\coren\AppData\Local\Programs\Rancher Desktop\resources\resources\linux\internal\rancher-desktop-guestagent as /mnt/c/Users/coren/AppData/Local/Programs/Rancher Desktop/resources/resources/linux/internal/rancher-desktop-guestagent into /usr/local/bin//rancher-desktop-guestagent ...
I don't really get what's wrong as I didn't even try to do anything "spicy"... any help would be appreciated on this one as I can't seem to find anyone that experienced the same thing 😞 I'm on W11 btw!
Can you check if
is set as the active kubernetes context.. You can very and set this via
Rancher Desktop System Tray Menu > Kubernetes Contexts
Hey, yup it's set as the active one... currently the only context I have on this computer haha, didn't add my personal cluster yet
Ok, the logging messages you shared doesn't help much.. If you are able to consistently reproduce may after retrying, restarting your machine etc, then do you mind filing a bug on the Github repo attaching full logs.. You can get to the logs folder via
Troubleshooting > Show Logs
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Yeah I think it'll end as a GitHub issue, been able to reproduce like 10 times, tried reinstalling RD, rebooting computer... same error everytime 😞 funny thing is i get almost the same error on my m1 macbook after a very normal install aswell haha
thanks for the help!
actually I will give a try to an older rancher desktop version
Hi, What was the solution for this? I am getting the same issue.