# rancher-desktop


12/17/2022, 9:44 PM
@sticky-summer-13450 hi just tried here MicroOS Desktop -> Tumbleweed and Rancher Desktop 1.7.0 and works... was an X server running on the host your connecting from?


12/17/2022, 10:44 PM
The remote host I was sshed to Ubuntu 22.04, so that’ll be running Wayland. The host I was sshed from was tumbleweed, so I guess it would have been running an X server. Although, I wasn’t really expecting a GUI on the local machine as I’d hope the RD would continue to run after I’d disconnected. I thought that’s what the command-line tool was for.


12/17/2022, 11:09 PM
@sticky-summer-13450 use Xfb on the remote to say display :1, then you could run
nohup ssh <host> -f 'export DISPLAY=:1 && rdctl start'
No gui on the host, remote runs rancher desktop but no gui except I see the task icon, can only reach the dashboard, but is running
Ahh, Wayland, not sure there, but I guess there is a Xvfb equivalent.