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# rancher-desktop
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is your /User/<name>/.rd/bin in your PATH?
aah.. gotcha
it is working now, thank you @wide-mechanic-33041
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hi @wide-mechanic-33041 Now, i have got issue with the nerdctl authentication
docker works fine though for the same task
I am able to use Podman for this task now, still would like to understand about the issue i am facing with nerdctl(containerd)
@purple-fireman-44165 Are you behind VPN?
Not sure if your issue is the same, but on mac, I use this script for fixing the occasional DNS issue with lima (fish shell):
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fish_add_path "/Applications/Rancher <|>"

set -Ux LIMA_HOME "$HOME/Library/Application Support/rancher-desktop/lima"

function dnsfix
    echo -e "$(cat /etc/resolv.conf)\n$(lima cat /etc/resolv.conf)" | lima sudo sh -c "tee $1 > /etc/resolv.conf"
So guessing it is a bug with the credential helper code. That was new on 1.4.1 and nerdctl acts a bit differently than docker. I don’t know the logging locations of that VM->Host interop, but have you poked around your Logs to see if anything jumps out?