# rancher-desktop


07/05/2022, 6:56 PM
I have been looking for documentation to connect docker cli with Rancher-desktop daemon running in WSL-moby I don't have linux based machine or macbook. Creating complex scenarios for me to deal with So, i have been tryin to set up something like this
wsl -l
1. Debian 2. Rancher-desktop 3. Rancher-desktop-data How can I connect docker from debian? I couldn't locate any doc. Also how can I transfer kube config to talk to k3s clusters? Have tried different k3s image versions. Right now, I am on stable one and wsl integration only works in achieving integration with the host system. Please advice. Thank you
wsl integration not loading at all it is blank. Tried all 3 version of Rancher


07/05/2022, 11:37 PM
Rancher Desktop only works with WSL2; your Debian distribution is using WSL1
You can upgrade with
wsl --set-version Debian 2
unless you have a specific reason to run with WSL1