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Yes but this part I don't fully understand
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# depend on kubectl to operate the Harvester cluster
./deploy/ <serviceaccount name> <namespace>
Where is someone supposed to run that
Yes it could be clearer - I think wherever you have kubectl command and Harvester kubeconfig file. One of comments in issue 1812 (about halfway down) includes "6. Download the Generate addon configuration for cloud provider 7. Download Harvester kubeconfig and add into your local ~/.kube/config file 8. Generate K3s kubeconfig by running generate addon script
./deploy/ <k3s cluster name> <namespace>
./ k3s-focal-cloud-provider default
9. Copy the kubeconfig content 10. ssh to K3s VM 11. Add kubeconfig content to
file, remember to align the yaml layout"
Wait how would that work when the cluster doesn't allow external
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certificate is not valid for any names, but wanted to match <|>
Oh grab the kubeconfig from rancher and not harvester
@witty-jelly-95845 Now how do I provide our internal SSL certs to the helm chart
I think it might be because we have rancher behind an ingress maybe?
Ok I figured it out. Have to run it from the harvester node and give it the port forwarded connection
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And now I'm getting x509 unknown authority issues
Sorry I've not tried this - perhaps log an issue referencing 1812?