11/22/2022, 11:09 AM
Hi Team ! I m using Rancher v2.6.9 for creating my EKS cluster. I m having an hard time to create a managed node group In just one AZ. It seems the requirement is to have at least 2 AZ for the ASG. I change the config of the ASG in AWS to spawn the nodes in just one AZ but I have this issue now
[Syncing error] error for cluster [c-vbbr]: health error for node group [test3] in cluster [c-vbbr]: The Amazon AutoScalingGroup eks-test3-xxxxxxxxxx has subnets ([subnet-xxxxx]) which is not expected by Amazon EKS. Expected subnets : ([subnet-xxxxxx, subnet-xxxxx, subnet-xxxx]): node group cannot be updated, must be deleted and recreated