11/16/2022, 2:41 PM
G'day, we are using terraform for k3s upgrades and today we did a upgrade from v1.22.12 -> v1.22.15 but after that I can see a pod/job running:
Inspecting the jobs it looks like it want to downgrade to the v1.22.12 version again since that is the version I can see in Rancher: I have read the page, our k3s clusters is managed by Rancher but we want to be in control of the upgrades. Is there any way to prevent Rancher from trying to run the upgrade plans since I suspect the upgrade plans is installed through the cattle-cluster-agent? I see this in our k3s cluster:
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$ kubectl get <|> -n cattle-system
NAME              AGE
k3s-worker-plan   7d1h
k3s-master-plan   7d1h
The formatting was a bit messed up, the attached image was supposed to be below "..since that is the version I can see in Rancher:"