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11/02/2022, 11:59 PM
Help!!! I am running into an issue with Rancher Desktop it appears I keep running into an issue with with Kubernetes starting up. Not sure why it's having this problem. I am going to attempt to disconnect from the VPN that my company recently migrated too. Maybe it's conflicting somehow with the startup. This is the log output. I did try uninstall and re-installing the app and Also tried resetting the application.
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2022-11-02T23:35:39.575Z: Waited more than 60 secs for nerdctl images to succeed. Giving up.
2022-11-02T23:35:39.575Z: Running: wsl.exe --distribution rancher-desktop --exec /sbin/rc-update --update
2022-11-02T23:35:39.769Z: Running: wsl.exe --distribution rancher-desktop --exec /usr/local/bin/wsl-service k3s start
2022-11-02T23:35:46.113Z: Capturing output: wsl.exe --distribution rancher-desktop --exec cat /proc/net/route
2022-11-02T23:35:46.329Z: Capturing output: wsl.exe --distribution rancher-desktop --exec cat /proc/net/fib_trie
2022-11-02T23:36:07.582Z: Capturing output: wsl.exe --distribution rancher-desktop --exec /bin/sh -c if test -r /etc/rancher/k3s/k3s.yaml; then echo yes; else echo no; fi
2022-11-02T23:36:07.784Z: Capturing output: wsl.exe --distribution rancher-desktop --exec wslpath -a -u C:\Users\marzamor\AppData\Local\Programs\Rancher Desktop\resources\resources\linux\wsl-helper
2022-11-02T23:36:07.995Z: Capturing output: wsl.exe --distribution rancher-desktop --exec /mnt/c/Users/marzamor/AppData/Local/Programs/Rancher Desktop/resources/resources/linux/wsl-helper k3s kubeconfig
Any help is appreciated, please let me know if it would be easier to file a github ticket as well.
Trying to get a local Rancher install working - going through a Rancher tutorial currently.


11/03/2022, 6:14 PM
For Rancher Desktop try asking in #rancher-desktop