Hi. I’m trying to create downstream EKS cluster us...
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Hi. I’m trying to create downstream EKS cluster using Rancher terraform provider. For some reason EKS nodes created by Rancher have only default EKS security group even though we provided list of additional security groups. These SGs are present in EKS configuration, but nodes still don’t have them. The strangest thing is that during creating EKS cluster, you can see in node group config that they will use auto-generated SG by Rancher, but after cluster became to Active state, config has been changed and there are now list of security groups we specified. We do not have custom launch template, nodes launched from LT created by Rancher as well. And that LT for some reason contains only the default EKS node group and no instance type specified. I thought it may be issue in 2.6.4 version, but after upgrading to 2.6.9 issue still here (edited)