10/20/2022, 1:30 PM
Hello, I'm trying to expose a TCP port on my single-node cluster (exposing a redis server) but I'm struggling to do do using IngressRouteTCP. I managed to add a custom entryPoint to traefik static conf and apprently, from traefik dashboard, router is ok and pointing to the correct svc. However, the port (6379) is still closed from outside (I can't see any iptables rule opening that for outside connections either). May I ask if someone can point me to a stright doc on how to open a TCP port on a freshly installed K3S cluster?
Ok I did it but it was superweird. The steps are: 1. Edit the default helm-deployed traefik svc and add the 6379 port 2. Edit the default helm-deployed traefik deployment and add the 6379 port as a new entryPoint 3. Configure svc and IngressRouteTCP for your application


10/20/2022, 4:07 PM
it might have been easier to just expose it as a LoadBalancer Service