09/07/2022, 5:33 PM
was trying to add nodes to my worker pool on GKE to satisfy a condition for a temporary minio object storage requirement and ran into some google API issues last night regarding auto-scaling, etc. Looking at my options, another factor was available memory on my choice of VM's on GKE, so figured I'd do a rolling upgrade to satisfy more mem. Checking out 1. for 2.6.6 and I see, "In the Upgrade Strategy tab, enter the Worker Concurrency as a fixed number or percentage. To get this number, you can take the number of nodes in your cluster and subtract the max unavailable nodes." Where is this tab? Is this in options when you click to "Next: Confgure Cluster"? Is there a better link that more accurately reflects 2.6.6?


09/08/2022, 2:29 AM
The layout of the form differs for RKE1 vs RKE2/K3s. It doesn't have the tab if it's an RKE1 cluster, however it should still be possible to configure the max unavailable nodes for RKE1


09/08/2022, 2:32 AM
yes... I have discovered through trials and tribulations that I'm on RKE1. I am fixing a few things up with that realization which is, in effect, making other things easier and more in-line to what I expect and what I see in the latest documentation. Thanks Catherine (yet again!) ­čśä