09/03/2022, 10:34 PM
Hey small, slightly unrelated question... People have asked me to publish my personal guide on how I have set up my at-home RPi 4 cluster running k3s... And while it's not completed; I'm wondering if it's current set up is workable, haven't really created a public blog before, so looking for pointers. The blog currently only contains RPi and k3s configuration, I'm still wanting to expand it with: • Helm installation • Rancher installation @ Ubuntu • Cert-manager configuration using Let's Encrypt • Deploying "your first application" that I'll provide, using automated TLS-certs • (hopefully) needless to say; but include sources that I have used Anyone willing to give me pointers?
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09/05/2022, 5:05 PM
After 35 years in IT, I want to build a “thing” that would bring all that I know from all those years, kind of like my “CV” if you will. I have a lot of notes in Apple Noters app. and I’m obsessive with taking photos. So I’m in the same predicament as you. But I guess the first thing we need to remember is you build a house one 2 X 4 at a time. And just because you write it, doesn’t mean you have to publish it on the Internet, you can hold it back until you’re satisfied. I’m great at giving suggestions, I should listen to myself.
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09/05/2022, 5:33 PM
Ya, that's what "KrakenSoftware" is to me, more a way of a resume than anything else. I have always had hobbies I coded for, but those were always remaining private, and I'm looking to create software that I can distribute, possibly open source. I'll take your advice to heart. Only reason I instantly published it, is because it's behind a "under construction" option and friends and others wished access, which I couldn't grant to my Atlassian Confluence.