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09/02/2022, 9:45 AM
When we need to use these annotation ? I have some issues with web-sockets. When i check proxy server logs, i got "*Error* getting SSL certificate "default/*-tls": local SSL certificate default/*-tls was not found. Using default certificate" and it keeps updating ingress to classic load balancer and got disconnected every 1mins after upgrading rancher version.
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Updating local copy of SSL certificate to classic load balancer every 1 mins. How to troubleshoot these issues ? Nginx-ingress logs: 8 controller.go:177] Configuration changes detected, backend reload required. 8 backend_ssl.go:189] Updating local copy of SSL certificate "cattle-system/tls-rancher-ingress" with missing intermediate CA certs I0830 050732.859819 8 controller.go:195] Backend successfully reloaded.A Any ideas for SSL Uploading every 1 mins ? Many thanks