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# rancher-desktop
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this docker-compose was working with "Docker Desktop"
I'm using WSL2 on Windows 10 Pro
I installed now rancher desktop 1.9.0 Tech Preview but the issue is still happening
Now from rancher-desktop I switched to use dockerd and it worked
I tried to run another docker-compose but it throws error about docker credentials exe. Finally I decided to uninstall rancher-desktop and install docker desktop, and now my docker-compose file is working. Maybe I need to wait until rancher-desktop to solve these types of issues
Sorry to hear
did not work for you as expected. Other seem to have faced similar problems as you getting compose working with
as reported in this github issue, which we will pick up soon. However, I am curious to know what went wrong with
. Do you mind filing a issue with steps to help us reproduce the compose issue you ran into with
Never mind, I noticed you already filed a issue, Thank you.