05/03/2023, 5:12 AM
Hi Team I am testing the RKE2 deployment with dual stack by passing the ipv4 and v6 address for cluster and service CIDR. But facing an error message of "cluster-cidr: [ 2c0625f1cd1110::/80] and node-ip: [], must share the same IP version (IPv4, IPv6 or dual-stack)”. I have not passed any value for the node ip in the config.yaml, it is automatically determined. Need a help in understanding why is it designed this way to specify for node ip as well.


05/03/2023, 6:25 AM
This is an upstream requirement.
when there is no --cloud-provider the administrator can pass a comma-separated pair of IP addresses via --node-ip to manually configure dual-stack .status.addresses for that Node. If a Pod runs on that node in HostNetwork mode, the Pod reports these IP addresses in its .status.podIPs field. All podIPs in a node match the IP family preference defined by the .status.addresses field for that Node.