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I know I've deployed the same GitRepo multiple times but with different paths/targets etc. so I assume you could do this with specified branches too. I think you'd just need to be really careful figuring out the implications on namespaces for your circumstances.
Having said that, I think there are issues with deploying the same application multiple times in the same cluster - I don't recall the details on the limitations though (I know I was thinking about same repo/branch and just trying to have different namespaces/values)
Thanks for the reply @salmon-train-47748! Good call on using namespaces in a single cluster. I'm going to set up a POC to see what kinds of issues I run into there. I know we use abstract (not in the same namespace) tooling like Istio and CertManager that would collide even if the base app is in a unique namespace. Still it's worth a try as long as I don't need FQDNs for my sandbox-level POCs.