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# rke2
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c isn’t a single repository. There are many repos on there. It’s a S3 bucket though so you can’t just browse it, you’d need to know the mirror baseurl for the specific repo you want. You should be able to pull that out of the repos that rke2 adds as part of the installation.
Yeah, that’s what i figured. And I did give Artifactory a url like but that didn’t seem to “just work”
I just copied the URL from the Rancher RKE2 install docs.
Is there a better doc on the available rpm endpoints? refers to RKE2 1.18 and I think I actually want 1.24….
I’m not how artifactory works, but that is a valid repo baseurl. You can confirm with
curl -ks <>
the paths are just <channel>/<major.minor>/<dist>
So if you want the most recent stable 1.24 release, replace 1.18 with 1.24
Okay. Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll keep playing with it!
omg. apologies. I think I just fat fingered something. it works fine in Artifactory 🤦