Hello, Wondering if anyone has any ideas on the is...
# rancher-desktop
Hello, Wondering if anyone has any ideas on the issue I'm seeing with RancherDesktop with Dockerd. Initially installed 1.7, installed 1.8 today. Trying to run/debug an AWS Lambda and the process either hangs after "Picked up __JAVA__OPTIONS" step or fails with a ClassNotFoundException. The sam build command succeeds, and the artifacts are generated in the output directory (under my user directory) and are then mounted to /var/task in the container. Inspecting that directory in the rancher-desktop container shows that nothing is there and thus the class not found when trying to execute. I was initially thinking the mount was failing due to a permissions issue, but the container information shows the mount as successful. I've been googling and looking at stack overflow threads for several days now to no avail. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!