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03/17/2023, 6:14 AM
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03/17/2023, 6:14 AM
# New Features ## Configurable application behavior, e.g. auto-start at login * Automatically start at login * Start in the background * Quit when closing the application window * Hide notification icon ## All application settings can be changed via rdctl ## Deployment profile (experimental) ## New networking stack on Windows (experimental) ## Support for Apple Virtualization framework on macOS (experimental) # Important Bug fixes and enhancements ## Kubernetes 1.26 and Moby ## Additional mount points on macOS ## Kubernetes ingress binding to on Windows ## socket_vmnet has been updated on macOS (experimental) ## File sharing via 9p on macOS (experimental)
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03/17/2023, 1:35 PM
does this version support cross-platform container creation?
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docker build --platform linux/amd64 .  # if on m1 or m2


03/20/2023, 12:21 PM
Didn’t want to pile into the closed Epic. Just some testing I was able to get done in my env. VPN client that steps on the virtual networks and breaks outbound. wsl-vpnkit had been an imperfect workaround in the past. trying to enable through rdctl shell would give a “UI is busy” comment as w/o a network fix the K3s init phase hangs for about 10min when proxy is in place, but settings.json was updated. Closed/Open and full init completed (no hang on K8s) and confirmed my WSLENV based proxy settings were also in place and active. I have not run though all the implications on forwarding or other day to day activity, but just a note on the gvisor stuff that it is very promising and the fact it works w WSLENV/https_proxy is a big win for us.