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# rke2
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The config file is just CLI flags in yaml. Any flag is a valid key.
Server flags are listed here:
kube-scheduler-image is what you'd be looking for
yes - i’ve been looking at that - i’ve launched the cluster through the Rancher UI/Web application (as we use that to manage multiple clusters) - and cannot determine where the kube-scheduler-image tag would go in the config
Is there a guide to creating scheduling plugins for RKE2? and how to deploy them?
You should not be swapping out the scheduler on RKE2. Honestly RKE2 is supposed to be prepackaged and opinionated k8s (everything just works and is tested out of the box) in a supportable format. If you want to modify core kubernetes components it might be best to use a distro like upstream kubeadm or even k8s from scratch.
There are a bunch of docs upstream about running alternative schedulers alongside the default one. You should do that instead of replacing the default. Any pods you want scheduled by the custom scheduler can have
*schedulerName*: my-scheduler
in the pod spec