03/08/2023, 4:50 PM
You may need to do it repo by repo (there's no global flag to pause all syncs AFAIK). If you go to your git repo object you can set the pause attribute to true. Example: apiVersion: kind: GitRepo metadata: name: fleet-examples-single-cluster-helm annotations: {} # key: string creationTimestamp: '2022-10-02T21:59:18Z' generation: 4 labels: {} # key: string namespace: fleet-default resourceVersion: '85196906' uid: a2cd4b38-fc81-474b-bbd1-0ac0a5d938ad fields: - fleet-examples-single-cluster-helm - - 8b480f244d0b4edb51cdbb048dc8aa5488e53f66 - 0/0 - null spec: branch: master insecureSkipTLSVerify: false paths: - /single-cluster/helm # - string paused: true repo: targets: - clusterSelector: matchExpressions: - key: operator: NotIn values: - harvester