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03/08/2023, 3:53 PM
still trying to get rancher manager running on a separate server from my harvester 1.1.1 cluster and had problems getting letsencrypt w/ cloudflare DNS-01 challenge working so I'm going back to a single node k3s running on ubuntu 20.04. I am going to use rancher manager 2.6.9 as I had it working at one point running in harvester on an ubuntu 20.04 docker install without having problems as described in: but I am still trying to find the right k3s release to use that is compatible with 2.6.9 curl -sfL | VERSION=v1.23.10+k3s1 INSTALL_K3S_EXEC="--tls-san" sh - can't find that release so defaults to v1.25.6+k3s1 Anyone have a proper guide to running a compatible rancher manager with a harvester 1.1.1 cluster?