03/04/2023, 4:30 AM
I set up a ubuntu 22.04 instance today and have been trying to get k3s up and running but have been running into issue with services trying to run on ports that a current service is running on
root@hl:/home/hlatimer# k3d cluster create testcluster --api-port 6444 --servers 1 --agents 1 --port "30500-31000:30500-31000@server:0"
INFO[0000] Prep: Network
INFO[0000] Created network 'k3d-testcluster'
INFO[0000] Created image volume k3d-testcluster-images
INFO[0000] Starting new tools node...
INFO[0000] Starting Node 'k3d-testcluster-tools'
INFO[0001] Creating node 'k3d-testcluster-server-0'
INFO[0001] Creating node 'k3d-testcluster-agent-0'
INFO[0001] Creating LoadBalancer 'k3d-testcluster-serverlb'
INFO[0001] Using the k3d-tools node to gather environment information
INFO[0001] HostIP: using network gateway address
INFO[0001] Starting cluster 'testcluster'
INFO[0001] Starting servers...
INFO[0001] Starting Node 'k3d-testcluster-server-0'
INFO[0007] Starting agents...
INFO[0007] Starting Node 'k3d-testcluster-agent-0'
INFO[0011] Starting helpers...
INFO[0011] Starting Node 'k3d-testcluster-serverlb'
ERRO[0063] Failed Cluster Start: Failed to add one or more helper nodes: runtime failed to start node 'k3d-testcluster-serverlb': docker failed to start container for node 'k3d-testcluster-serverlb': Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint k3d-testcluster-serverlb (f8cca626bf572dd2b8877deab4116409c1c4268c9bc477b0c09c8117af8b19fd): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp4 bind: address already in use
anyone seen this issue before?
welp, got it working after I ran


03/04/2023, 4:59 AM
Generally you wouldn't use k3d on the same host as you've installed k3s as a service. Especially if you want the k3d cluster to use the ports that k3s is already using.
You should decide if you want to run k3s as a service or in k3d.


03/04/2023, 3:18 PM
oh interesting distinction. I guess I wanted to run k3s as a service but kept running into trouble with the metrics server starting up on port 10250 and the k3s service would just die after a few minutes. I went the k3d just to get something going


03/09/2023, 12:01 AM