03/03/2023, 4:42 PM
I0303 16:39:27.155021 1 node_controller.go:391] Initializing node sre-b89d40bd1vq with cloud provider
I0303 16:39:27.155095 1 search.go:76] WhichVCandDCByNodeID nodeID: sre-b89d40bd1vq
I0303 16:39:27.181513 1 search.go:208] Found node sre-b89d40bd1vq as vm=VirtualMachine:vm-18616 in vc=x.x.x.x and datacenter=dc1
I0303 16:39:27.181675 1 search.go:210] Hostname: SRE-B89D40BD1VQ, UUID: 4211dcfa-7a40-fae2-bd0c-d694c118c50b
I0303 16:39:27.181764 1 nodemanager.go:127] Discovered VM using FQDN or short-hand name
E0303 16:39:27.187892 1 node_controller.go:213] error syncing 'sre-b89d40bd1vq': failed to get provider ID for node sre-b89d40bd1vq at cloudprovider: failed to get instance ID from cloud provider: VM GuestNicInfo is empty, requeuing