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# rancher-desktop
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If you disable administrative access (so you don't get a bridged interface), then the node ip should be fixed at
. That means you will only be able to reach the node via port-forwarding from the host though.
Assuming this is about macOS (or Linux); doesn't apply on Windows
Windows 😄
because WSL2 sets the /20 dynamically the subnet for the nodes will change as well. i know for the no_proxy I am hoping that connections just move to a rancher.local DNS model which would allow for the no_proxy to adapt w/o config changes. I am also watching for which should come when wsl-distro is updated to 3.17 from the current 3.16
than you can just add the rfc1918s to WSLENV and whatever ICS elects you should be good
i did tweak /etc/apk/repositories and did an update/upgrade which does seem to work as i wanted with basic curl testing via rdctl shell, but the “starting kubernetes” phase still hangs. I am using wsl-vpnkit at the same time which I think is related so looking forward to 1.8 release for the built in test feature.
i am also poking at request.js (love that a 3y deprecated work still gets 20mil weekly downloads) as the exception points at that (http when expecting https tells me its trying to proxy) but vpnkit abstraction does make those routes a bit funny in the host (kubectl)
yeah I had to update my kubeconfig to localhost:6443 because of the lack of registered routes due to vpnkit abstraction
Thx for the infos