# general


02/26/2023, 9:51 AM
Hi, I deployed rancher as a docker inside a VM. Set it up successfully. When I deploy workloads however, I can't access the workload even though I'm adding a port mapping. Configuration: VM IP (where rancher is running side a docker): Port configuration: ports: - containerPort: 32400 hostIP: hostPort: 32400 name: plex protocol: TCP What am I missing?


02/26/2023, 2:07 PM
When you say you deployed 'Rancher' via a docker image, I am going to assume you installed the Rancher Manager docker image which includes a kubernetes in docker type of screwy setup. Please see the wonderful help provided to @miniature-ambulance-98143 above to help navigate the spaghetti noodle mess that is SUSE + Rancher Labs at the moment. This is also a great starting point for most of what is SUSE/Rancher
keep in mind that SUSE expects you to be an existing customer to follow along with that suse-at-home repo and is a pain in the *ss to even get a base SLES install, which is why I have used Ubuntu as a base for Rancher Manager.