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had some dinner and digging deeper. Looked for using kubectl api-resources and I only see
virtualmachineimages vmimage,vmimages true
how many times am I going to have to destroy everything to make an external rancher deployment work with harvester? I figured I'd follow the suse at home repo but that requires me to use SLES and create an account and get a registration code. The installation of RKE2 requires me to install a specific release cause 2.7.1 won't work on the latest. 'rancher' is used too much as a name/object (rancher labs, rancherd, rancher kubernetes engine, rancher, rancher, rancher...) My apologies. Stress tension breaker.
still can't get the rancher and harvester integration to work, even after using SLES as the base for rke2. This is a support bundle from harvester. Is there any equivalent from Rancher Manager that I can provide to help troubleshoot why it cannot retrieve the information from harvester so a machine pool can be created?
this looks like a manager issue as it's looking for v1 at itself but can't find it. I am puzzled.
looking at the support matrix, perhaps 2.7.1 is too new for me to be using with harvester 1.1.1 I will try, 2.6.9 and report back.
My lab is a frankenstein mess of cables and a mix of a cisco sb300, a linksys running tomato just to get some more ports closer to the SUSE lab equipment and I think I might be running into It at least presents itself in rancher logs when trying to reach So might as well rule out my transport layer.