02/22/2023, 4:40 PM
We have a custom plugin we have been using with Rancher Dashboard 2.6.7 and later 2.6.8 without issues. When we move to 2.7.1, for whatever reason, when I open a new browser and log in, our plugin is no longer visible. However, if I use Shift-reload (in Firefox), the plugin appears. Was there some sort of behavior change in 2.7.1 that would cause a custom plugin not to be displayed immediately after login?
This is like a likely culprit. All built-in plugins are loading with local user authentication so why isn’t ours? Is there some way we can tell rancher-dashboard to load our plugin? From login.vue:
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// User logged with local login - we don't do any redirect/reload, so the boot-time plugin will not run again to laod the plugins
        // so we manually load them here - other SSO auth providers bounce out and back to the Dashboard, so on the bounce-back
        // the plugins will load via the boot-time plugin
        await loadPlugins({
          app:     this.$<|>,
          store:   this.$store,
          $plugin: this.$store.$plugin


02/22/2023, 5:02 PM
Does this sound similar to the behavior you're seeing?


02/22/2023, 5:05 PM
No, not really. It seems that login.vue calls loadPlugins() for a local user login and the code that it calls in shell/plugins/plugin.js will only load the plugin if it finds the plugin in the meta field of the HTML header or if it is somehow registered with the server. This is different behavior than the boot-time plugin…
as such, our plugin is not being loaded until we force the reload that the comment in login.vue says was removed
what I need to know is what the best way to workaround the problem is