# general


02/22/2023, 7:34 AM
Hi everyone, after upgrading to v1.22.8.rke2r1 / 1.22.9.rke2r2 1 of our 3 Control Plane (Downstream Cluster) could upgrade and all other 2 CPs are throwing the following message:
onfiguring bootstrap node(s) custom-41921187a0a4: waiting for probes: kube-controller-manager, kube-scheduler
All pods are running, deployment and rs too ... In the rancher Dashboard I can see that: • Mgmt Cluster is "Updatinng" • CAPI Cluster is "Unavailable" • ManagedChart ([node]-managed-system-upgrade-controller) is "In Progress" It looks like but the workaround isn't working ... Does anyone experienced such an issue and knows how to solve it ? It's the first time that an update went "bad" ... in 2 years ... Thanks in advance for the time and guidance ...