02/17/2023, 3:41 PM
Hey, i just gave rancher-desktop another shot and it seems to work nicely across the board Ubuntu, Mac/M1 (for x86). Although on Ubuntu i can't access the vm directly on it's private IP because there is no bridge. That creates a little problem where i need to access an ingress-domain on the same fqdn from inside and outside the cluster. My best bet is using * as ingress and add a /etc/hosts entry for these sub-domains pointing to But i am wondering if there are other/better solutions?


02/17/2023, 7:03 PM
We're working on the better solutions, but they're very much in progress. For now that's probably the best we have.


02/17/2023, 8:02 PM
Thanks (for the response and the work)! It seems though i spoke a bit too soon. I have 1 ubuntu-notebook where the /etc/hosts entry seems to directly propagate to any running pod and resolve also to Any idea how that happens and to stop it?
Ah culprit found systemd-resolved ...again should probably leave that thing at a bus stop.;) Adding 'ReadEtcHosts=no' in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf seems to solve this problem.