02/16/2023, 10:57 PM
Maybe a dumb question, but using rancher on vmware and noticing that rancheros is no longer updated.. what is everyone using for creation methods for nodes? Are you guys making your own node images or sourcing another ISO to boot from?


02/17/2023, 3:40 AM
we use a lightweight ubuntu image and have terraform clone it and spin up the vm, then ansible deals with daily updates, etc. A bit of extra tooling but its all automated.


02/17/2023, 1:07 PM
Similar here. Using cloud images (Ubuntu or OpenSuse) coupled with cloud-init files for the initial image deployment. Hoping to move to Terraform soon, but that is more of a culture shift for us than a technology hurdle.
As a side note, I'm keeping my eye on Elemental and Seeder. I can see the Suse Rancher team using these tools to make Rancher deployments more like deploying a virtual appliance (similar to how Harvester is deployed), rather than the way it exists today where you need an existing Kubernetes instance as a prerequisite to deploying Rancher, which is used for deploying Kubernetes instances (bit of a chicken and egg predicament).


02/17/2023, 11:20 PM
Thanks guys, I've been using boot2docker because it's been easy but all that's deprecated, sounds like I have some time to sink into building node templates.