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we have made some changes which are detailed here:
Seems that Ive tested 1.1.1 so its not possible
iv got 3 interfaces plugged to the harvester vm, is my use case doable ? wan, management, vlan(trunk) ?
you need 1 interface for management.. which is generally the one you choose at the time of install
the other 2 can also be configured and used with vlans or without vlans (use vlan id 1) and then can be assigned to vm's
first using the other 2 interfaces you will need to create cluster networks where in the cluster network config you provide the interface names and nodes to map to..
so you would create 1 cluster network with WAN interface and 1 work VLAN network
then you will create a VM network using the said cluster network, so a WAN VM network using the WAN interface, if there is no tagged vlans here just provide vlan id 1
and a similar workload VLAN VM network using the VLAN cluster and appropriate vlan id