Hi folks, I am trying to use gitlab-agent in an RK...
# rke2
Hi folks, I am trying to use gitlab-agent in an RKE2 cluster, setup via Rancher. CNI: calilco. Problem: Some kubectl commands (e.g. kubectl exec) in the gitlab-runner seem to get stuck. Last words in verbose mode is "Upgrade: SPDY/3.1" (see below), then it runs into a 30sec timeout. There is no such problem for K3s (flannel) and RKE (calico), so I wonder what is the story here?
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I0210 14:18:58.178856     320 round_trippers.go:466] curl -v -XPOST  -H "X-Stream-Protocol-Version: <http://v4.channel.k8s.io|v4.channel.k8s.io>" -H "X-Stream-Protocol-Version: <http://v3.channel.k8s.io|v3.channel.k8s.io>" -H "X-Stream-Protocol-Version: <http://v2.channel.k8s.io|v2.channel.k8s.io>" -H "X-Stream-Protocol-Version: <http://channel.k8s.io|channel.k8s.io>" -H "User-Agent: kubectl/v1.24.10 (linux/amd64) kubernetes/5c1d2d4" -H "Authorization: Bearer <masked>" '<https://kas.gitlab.com/k8s-proxy/api/v1/namespaces/sample-kube001/pods/ubuntu/exec?command=echo&command=hello&container=ubuntu&stderr=true&stdout=true>'
I0210 14:18:58.652230     320 round_trippers.go:553] POST <https://kas.gitlab.com/k8s-proxy/api/v1/namespaces/sample-kube001/pods/ubuntu/exec?command=echo&command=hello&container=ubuntu&stderr=true&stdout=true> 101 Switching Protocols in 473 milliseconds
I0210 14:18:58.652260     320 round_trippers.go:570] HTTP Statistics: DNSLookup 0 ms Dial 0 ms TLSHandshake 0 ms Duration 473 ms
I0210 14:18:58.652274     320 round_trippers.go:577] Response Headers:
I0210 14:18:58.652330     320 round_trippers.go:580]     Connection: upgrade
I0210 14:18:58.652349     320 round_trippers.go:580]     Upgrade: SPDY/3.1
I0210 14:18:58.652366     320 round_trippers.go:580]     Via: 1.1 gitlab-agent/v15.9.0-rc1/add168d2
I0210 14:18:58.652383     320 round_trippers.go:580]     Via: gRPC/1.0 gitlab-kas/v15.9.0-rc1/v15.9.0-rc1
I0210 14:18:58.652397     320 round_trippers.go:580]     X-Stream-Protocol-Version: <http://v4.channel.k8s.io|v4.channel.k8s.io>
I0210 14:18:58.652411     320 round_trippers.go:580]     Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2023 14:18:58 GMT
I0210 14:18:58.652458     320 log.go:198] (0xc000276000) (0xc000992640) Create stream
I0210 14:18:58.652474     320 log.go:198] (0xc000276000) (0xc000992640) Stream added, broadcasting: 1
error: Timeout occurred