02/10/2023, 7:50 AM
Hi everyone, I don't know if it should be posted here but I created a rke2 cluster using ansible-role-rke2 and I then imported the cluster to my rancher instance using the kubectl apply method. The cluster is working fine but the Apps part in rancher, when I go there I got a "There are no charts available, have you added any repos?" message, and when I got to the Repositories, I see two that are stuck in "In Progress" status, I tried recreating them refresh ... Nothing works. I am running kubernetes version 1.25.3 with rke2r1. Is anyone aware of such issue ? I have seen similar issues on github without fixes just mentions that it is fixed in next version but the issues are from 2021.
I still am not able to solve this, if anyone had a similar issue or if you need extra information please ask