# general


02/09/2023, 5:29 AM
hi, I’m fresh to rke2, and any advice on how to deploy a self-host registry on rke2 cluster. My problem is that I cannot make it clear on how rke2 node pull the image in the underhood. More specifically, in my opinion, people can edit the /etc/rke2/config.yaml to set up the default registry for the agent node, which will change the configuration of the config.toml, and it needs to restart the rke2/containerd daemon to make it work. Assuming I understand it clearly. Then what will happen if I deploy a Harbor registry on the rke2 cluster itself and point the registry to the self-hosted harbor one. It seems there will be a dead-lock because of the circular dependency (containerd and harbor). containerd needs to pull image from harbor, while harbor is deployed on rke2 cluster. Could anyone explain something about it for me? Great thanks.