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Not really - that's built into ingress-ngnix.. without some kind of cert tls would not function... You can set a custom cert for an ingress tho. Nginx just generates a self signed cert to use if you do not give it one to use.
Do you know of any instructions for replacing the self signed certificate used by the nginx in those clusters?
For the Rancher HA cluster, you can configure the default_backend with value false in the cluster.yml ingress:   provider: nginx   default_backend: false   options:     xxxxx I want to do the same for the downstream managed clusters.
b Yup create a 'TLS' secret with the cert then create an ingress object that points to the cert
I found what I was looking for. I use the Rancher 2 Terraform provider and the rancher2_cluster resource. I has ingress configuration with default_backend.
I can set it through the UI as well for the cluster.