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Thanks! I'll devour that and see what I get.
I have looked over that link Dinar. I see how I can make that work, seems a bit involved for what I am trying to accomplish. I was hoping that I could setup 3 different yaml files with dev.yaml and staging.yaml and add a parameter that would point to that file and override the values.yaml file. That way I can make changes to a dev branch and have fleet deploy that to where ever fleet tells it. And then when I merge to staging I get that deployed to where ever Fleet tells it and finally when staging is merged into main/production Fleet then deploys that. Not sure where to find such a parameter to add to the Fleet manifest. I am hoping there is one.
That would also allow for using the same files and methods for installing things with helm if needed.
You can create gitrepo in a fleet terms per environment, pointing to a three different branches. And progress accordingly
How do you merge between repos?
git repo is a fleet term. I can point to a same repo but a different branch or commit or tag
Let me look at that before I say any more.
So one way to accomplish this is to create sub directories and symlink everything but the yaml file that couls work then you would set the branch and the path.
And I did think about that first, but was thinking others must have done this and solved it before me.
We do gitrepo per path where the path is a specific application
Where can I go to submit a suggestion?
Is there some documentation of the fleet.yaml file and it's options? I saw this (posted below) in an issue and if there is a way to pick values files like it looks like that would get me there.
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  repo: xyz
  chart: xyz
  version: 1.9.1
  releaseName: release
  maxHistory: 3
    - values.yml
Never mind I think i found some.
So apparently there is no way to do what I want to yet.