02/07/2023, 4:54 PM
👋 Hello, team! I would like to ask for a small hand. I am using k8s installed/configured with kubeadm and then when I try to upgrade from 1.21 to 1.23 with flannel 0.21.0. Then, I am facing network issues with flannel config where: the pods do not go up , I see problems creating volumes (
MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume “flannel-cfg” : failed to sync configmap cache: timed out waiting for the condition
) . In the flannel logs I am checking
W0206 13:37:12.951287   1 client_config.go:617] Neither --kubeconfig nor --master was specified. Using the inClusterConfig. This might not work
. Anyone have a thought about that? How can I pass the kubeconfig for flannel? Btw, really thank you for all your help and attention 🙂 Following the logs:
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```$ kubectl logs pod/kube-flannel-ds-gqtr8 -n kube-flannel 
I0206 13:37:12.950959       1 main.go:204] CLI flags config: {etcdEndpoints:<>,<> etcdPrefix:/ etcdKeyfile: etcdCertfile: etcdCAFile: etcdUsername: etcdPassword: version:false kubeSubnetMgr:true kubeApiUrl: kubeAnnotationPrefix:<|> kubeConfigFile: iface:[] ifaceRegex:[] ipMasq:true ifaceCanReach: subnetFile:/run/flannel/subnet.env publicIP: publicIPv6: subnetLeaseRenewMargin:60 healthzIP: healthzPort:0 iptablesResyncSeconds:5 iptablesForwardRules:true netConfPath:/etc/kube-flannel/net-conf.json setNodeNetworkUnavailable:true}
W0206 13:37:12.951287       1 client_config.go:617] Neither --kubeconfig nor --master was specified.  Using the inClusterConfig.  This might not work.
I0206 13:37:13.052899       1 kube.go:126] Waiting 10m0s for node controller to sync
I0206 13:37:13.052991       1 kube.go:431] Starting kube subnet manager
I0206 13:37:14.053328       1 kube.go:133] Node controller sync successful
I0206 13:37:14.053365       1 main.go:224] Created subnet manager: Kubernetes Subnet Manager - camila-ubuntu-2204-host-2-upgrades
I0206 13:37:14.053376       1 main.go:227] Installing signal handlers
I0206 13:37:14.053557       1 main.go:467] Found network config - Backend type: vxlan
I0206 13:37:14.053585       1 match.go:206] Determining IP address of default interface
I0206 13:37:14.054085       1 match.go:259] Using interface with name ens4 and address
I0206 13:37:14.054119       1 match.go:281] Defaulting external address to interface address (
I0206 13:37:14.054190       1 vxlan.go:138] VXLAN config: VNI=1 Port=0 GBP=false Learning=false DirectRouting=false
I0206 13:37:14.151991       1 main.go:416] Current network or subnet (, is not equal to previous one (,, trying to recycle old iptables rules
I0206 13:37:14.152245       1 kube.go:452] Creating the node lease for IPv4. This is the n.Spec.PodCIDRs: []
I0206 13:37:14.457139       1 main.go:342] Setting up masking rules
I0206 13:37:14.551616       1 main.go:364] Changing default FORWARD chain policy to ACCEPT
I0206 13:37:14.554229       1 main.go:379] Wrote subnet file to /run/flannel/subnet.env
I0206 13:37:14.554253       1 main.go:383] Running backend.
I0206 13:37:14.554445       1 vxlan_network.go:61] watching for new subnet leases
I0206 13:37:14.562072       1 main.go:404] Waiting for all goroutines to exit
I0206 13:37:14.950376       1 iptables.go:270] bootstrap done
I0206 13:37:15.052796       1 iptables.go:270] bootstrap done