# general


02/06/2023, 3:42 PM
Hi y'all I am having a very hard time debugging an issue with rke-cli. I am trying to add more nodes, I am following the exact same steps as I did the first time I added them, and many times after. Except something is wrong now cuz when I run the command: rke up --update-only it does not add the new nodes it actually complains that "Node not found" on the new nodes i have attempted to add There are no other error logs The cluster is functioning okay, afaik since everything else is running ( this is also in production ) I have managed to see the node for like 1-2 seconds on the node list and then it went away. The new node's kubelet complains that the node is not found as well when attempting to run kubelet the k8s version is 1.24.4