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Why would you want to do that? This range is for randomly assigned ports, so you would just increase the risk of having a conflict.
If you want to change the range (on macOS or Linux), you could try to create an
~/Library/Application\ Support/rancher-desktop/lima/_config/override.yaml
file that specifies `K3S_EXEC`:
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  K3S_EXEC: "--kube-apiserver-arg=service-node-port-range=20618-20828"
Note that I haven't tested it, but I think this is how should work.
thanks Jan, but our pods are running on Windows. I finally found a solution is to set the web proxy to load balancer.
Ok, cool. My suggestion on Windows (also untested) would be to use a provisioning script to set
in `/etc/environment`: Provisioning Scripts | Rancher Desktop Docs
But if you have something that works already...
thanks Jan for sharing this provisioning script, I didn't know that. Would love to study more.
btw do you happened to know how to set the load balancer to static ip?
my solution works, but it changes a external ip address on every reboot of my host machine. I need to manually set the host file to the new ip kind of annoying.
Setting the LB is probably possible by setting the node ip address, but it wouldn't work unless you would also change the address of the WSL VM to match the static IP, and I don't think that is possible
I see, thanks