# general


01/31/2023, 4:23 PM
Question on node upgrades. We have a completely new node template that we want to use, moving from ROS to Ubuntu. We currently use 3 combination master/etcd nodes. I don’t want to just switch the template and hope it works, I’d rather add new nodes and remove the old. Just trying to figure out how to best swing the etcd and order of operations. If I add 1 new combination etc/master node, that’ll throw etcd off since there would be an even number of nodes. If I add 3 new combination etc/master nodes, that’ll still be an even number. If I add 1 new combination etc/master node while simultaneously scaling down the old pool to 2, maintaining 3 etcd nodes. Scale the old node pool down to 0, increase new node pool to 3. What order will this happen in and will etcd remain happy?