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01/31/2023, 10:59 AM
Hi All, When we tried to deregister few AWS EKS Clusters from rancher, we see a delete node API calls to all the worker nodes of the clusters triggered by user : 'systemserviceaccountcattle-system:cattle ' and was successful. Because of which nodes were deleted from API server (but the intances were still part of AWS auto scaling group) because of which no nodes are availble to the cluster. We just registered the existing AWS EKS Clusters to racnher and we didn't create those clusters using rancher. We are not able to reprodice the issue and it was not happenend earlier, it is just a single occurence happened on 22Jan'23 when we deregister the EKS Cluster from rancher. Can anyway experience the same issue? can you please help with any leads why it might happened? Kubernetes Version in AWS EKS: 1.20 Rancher Version: 2.6.3