01/26/2023, 6:01 AM
Hi folks, I am migrating rancher 2.6.9 from an old rke to a new rke2 cluster. The web GUI is back. I can see the managed clusters based on rke, but a managed cluster based on rke2 cannot be reached, as it seems. Error message in the web GUI is
Failed to update fleet-default/kube003 <|>, Kind=Cluster for rke-cluster fleet-default/kube003: Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook "<|>": failed to call webhook: Post "<https://webhook-service.cattle-system.svc:443/mutate-cluster-x-k8s-io-v1beta1-cluster?timeout=10s>": service "webhook-service" not found
Now it says
Configuring bootstrap node(s) custom-7e6e3f6464e0: waiting for plan to be applied
for several minutes.