01/23/2023, 2:42 PM
We are using terraform-provider-rancher2 to create an azure rancher cluster in our local (on-prem/non-cloud) rancher environment using the latest terraform rancher2 provider 1.25.0. We are able to have terraform successfully create virtual machine resources in azure as well as the rke2 cluster and virtual machine resources in our local rancher. However, the machine resource in our local rancher is stuck in a waiting state with the status 'Waiting for agent to check in and apply initial plan' and the rancher machine resource is missing the azure node information. Our local rancher is currently private and therefore azure currently cannot communicate back to the local rancher. I believe this is why the node information is missing and it is stuck in a waiting state, although I am not able to verify this with a specific error message. Am I missing a setting, or perhaps some terraform code, to get this working with communication blocked from azure to our local cluster? Or, do we need to pursue unblocking the communication from azure to our local rancher to get this working? Thanks for any suggestions, insights or help!